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Our first official photoshoot

1 Aug

And so the dream that was sparked in my heart a year ago, was born and breathed it’s first breath. Slowly but surely things were falling into place. Starting a business with 3 girls (of which one was still very much a baby at that time) has both been a most wonderful challenge and also exceeded my wildest dreams.

Our family and friends celebrate often. We celebrate special moments, celebrate life, celebrate everything actually, and it mostly entails food and photos. So needless to say, we also had to arrange a formal photo shoot day to celebrate the new life of Puredelight. We had a lot of fun doing this. Among our friends, we have a special group of little girls. These girls are also the best of friends. They grow up together, learn about life together and discover what really matters, together. So obviously they were all lined up as our spectacular ‘models’ for the shoot. We have had some fun fashion shows in our lounge on a few occasions and make-believe photo-taking-events. But nothing came close to what we experienced this day – a day filled with joy and laughter. Even looking through the pictures now, I just can’t get over how beautiful our girls all are.

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