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Thinking brilliantly…

23 Feb

About a year ago my husband and I went to Germany for a few days. While we were waiting for a friend to pick us up from our hotel in Hamburg, I paged through a random coffee table book. It turned out to be the most inspiring book. It had articles about artists explaining how they got to live their creative dream in an authentic way. The one artist, Christine Koch caught my eye. She said:

Why not think things that have never been thought before?

I absolutely loved this quote, and as you can see I even photographed the page.

Which posed the following questions:

-How can I read a life-changing sentence like the one above, think about it for a minute or two and then file it in my photo album?

-Why did I not read this and allowed it to change my thinking? In the most radical way, I might add…

-Why was this merely a moment and not a gem that affected my life forever?

I found the above photo in my album archives earlier this week. Then a few days ago in an evening class the speaker taught on more or less the same subject….and the penny dropped!

I realised I can, and am probably called to, think things that no one has ever thought before. I also have permission to think big and radical ideas. I have the ability to think outside my little box, even outside the big box I have put my life-journey in. I can think on a whole different level. I can think along avenues that no one has walked down before. I am encouraged and inspired and I feel all the feelings I missed while a read the quote that day.

Just imagine what might happen to the world if each person have one thought that no one has ever thought before? A new thought that brings life. We could literally change this world. We could establish a reality not seen or experienced before our time. This would cause an earth with new ideas, inventions and designs.

So, by living in this exciting place, I can become a voice for people that think they were not made for something spectacular. I can be a voice reminding people that they were made to influence society, because they were made incredibly unique. Imagine all people starting to understand their own worth and value, and live accordingly. Imagine all people starting to think just one thought that is their unique thought and believe enough in that thought to live it out. We would have an unstoppable life-bringing nation.

There’s nothing wrong with living a life, thinking thoughts that have been thought before. But in each of us there is something that yearns for more, yearns to put our toe into the water on the other side of the boundary line of our boxes. And once we have tasted the more, there is no turning back. And I believe once we realize that each of us can think brilliantly, there will be no turning back…


Beautiful, courageous vulnerability

18 Feb

I may have said already that part of my vision for this year is to live intentionally. I have often felt that the past few years have been a bit like swimming in order to keep my head above water. Don’t get me wrong, I loved those years and I have embraced many, many amazing moments. But the truth is it felt as if some intricate details of life have passed me by in a way.  So, this year, being in a whole different space with my ‘baby’ just having turned three, and my business more stable, I am starting to live with intention again. I want to experience with intention. I want to write with intention. I want to listen with intention. Mmmmm listening… for me it’s sensitizing my ear to what is not said, the heart and emotion behind the ‘what is being said’.

This past week I have been in four situations where I have been blown away by things people had told me. Being in a season of my life-journey where my tears are welled up very close to the surface (in a good way), I felt that if I would start crying, I may never stop.  So I listened and kept my composure. But in every instance I walked away from the encounter realising that the particular individual has been immensely vulnerable.

Being vulnerable can be scary. Why is that? Is it because we find it so difficult to be honest and appear imperfect to others? Is it because we might look as if we don’t have all the answers? Or are we afraid of feeling exposed? Maybe we have to embark on an unknown journey, a journey without walls around us. The journey of an open heart.

A message from a friend on our pavement...

A few stories in point: I was sitting next to the school tennis courts on a tiny wall listening to a mom sharing her perceived wrong decisions she made concerning her daughter. All I heard was her immense love for that child. I was sitting on our bed listening to my daughter  sharing her failures, and all I heard was a journey of growing up being embarked on. I was at a workshop listening to a woman sharing her innermost feelings, and all I heard was courage. I was attending a class listening to a woman sharing her life story and all I heard was the influence she has on every life she meets.

I walked away from each of these moments feeling that I was holding their hearts in my hands. My one friend summed it up as a feeling of standing on holy ground. In all four instances I felt like my life had changed by what they shared. Some shared profound stuff and some just raw honest emotion. But my life has been impacted by open hearts, by a need to not hide the imperfection. It encouraged me! I want to live vulnerably. I want to live honestly. I want to live authentically. I want my special people to know what I am carrying around in my heart, regardless… Being vulnerable opens up the way for others to feel safe enough to also be just that. Being vulnerable brings freedom. The freedom form hiding perhaps.

There is something so attractive about being vulnerable.
There is something so beautiful about being vulnerable.
There is something so courageous about being vulnerable.

Christmas all year round

22 Jan

It’s new year! What an amazing feeling. We often say that things dont just change overnight because of a date on a calender that ticks over. It’s not as if we go to sleep on the 31st of December and wake up the next morning and everything is suddenly different. This might be true, but what is also true is that there is a sense of freshness about the start of a new year. There is a sense of mystery of what the year will hold, a sense of excitement of discovering all the treasures hidden in the 365 days ahead. And then the latent hope and expectation of the possibility of dreams coming true.

So why then, in the midst of all this newness, write about Christmas? You might think that writing about Christmas is a bit odd at this moment. I’m either too late or wayyyy early with jotting down what I’m carrying in my heart. But I’m not. Apart from Springday (which is my birthday), Christmas is my favourite season, my favourite time of the year! In our home Christmas is a time we enjoy! It is a time we spend with family and friends. It is time we celebrate and craft. Its a time we feast and bake, we prepare and decorate. Most of all  we have an overwhelming knowing that this day has changed the course of our lives forever.

Recently, a few of my friends and I got together for a tea-party-journal-making-morning over the weekend. As we were crafting we shared our feelings, visions and dreams about the year ahead. For me – it was that 2012 will be like Christmas all year round. So the thought of having these above mentioned experiences as part of our every day this year is heart-warming.

So here’s to a merry Christmas to all of you – throughout this year. May this year be filled with many special moments of baking cookies with your little ones. May there be more than enough times to sit on the carpet and draw your favorite pictures or laugh with each other. May there be times when you can steal a moment and sit down with a cup of tea and look at the beautiful raindrops falling outside. May you have a feast in a small or big way every day!

My favorite people on our Christmas 2011 pic…

A special friend gave me these words to remind myself of what I’ve said…The words are from the Muppet Christmas Song:

It’s in the singing of a street corner choir
It’s going home and getting warm by the fire
It’s true
Wherever you find love
It feels like Christmas
A cup of kindness that we share with another
A sweet reunion with a friend or a brother
In all the places you find love
It feels like Christmas
It is the season of the heart
A special time of caring
The ways of love made clear
It is the season of the spirit
The message if we hear it
Is make it last all year
It’s in the giving of a gift to another
A pair of mittens that were made by your mother
It’s all the ways that we show love
That feel like Christmas

A part of childhood we’ll always remember
It is the summer of the soul in December
Yes, when you do your best for love
It feels like Christmas
It is the season of the heart
A special time of caring
The ways of love made clear
It is the season of the spirit
The message if we hear it
Is make it last all year
It’s true, wherever you find love
It feels like Christmas

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