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Butterflies and girls…

20 Dec

Apart from glitter, I don’t think there is anything more girlie than butterflies. That’s why it was so precious that a real butterfly became part of our photo shoot. Nika saved it from our pool and it fit right in by posing for photos and travelling to all the venues with us.Yes, I do make the hairbands and clips, but no, real butterflies are not part of the deal 😉



20 Nov

What would our life be without ‘Bunny’. Bunny was a gift to Lana from my sister in-law when she turned one. Since that day we have an additional family member. Bunny is alive, she eats and drinks and sleeps and takes a bath every now and then. Bunny goes wherever we go and often when our 3 girls line up to brush their teeth before bed-time, we all have to embark on a bunny-hunt, because a good nights sleep for Lana goes hand in hand with cuddling Bunny tightly in her arms. I have searched the country for an in-case-replacement but the truth is that even if we do get a Bunny-look-alike, I don’t think it will really be acceptable.

Dickies and Wellington Boots

20 Oct

Although (as I said) our girls are all between the ages of 2 and 7, they are already aware that shoes are very important in a womans’ life. For my 3 girls their dickies and willington boots are their favourite shoes. And each of these has their own wonderful holiday-story attached to it:

We passed through Dullstroom a year ago on our way to our holiday destination. In a little corner of the town we came across a General Dealer stocking these gems. In the back of the store we found boxes and boxes filled with Dickies – every colour and size we could dream of. So all of us got a pair, a red pair. You have to at least own one pair of red shoes in your life – and for all of us this is it. We are already looking forward to our next trip through Dullstroom in a few weeks’ time, I wonder what colour we are gunning for this time…

Wellies – we have loads of wellies filling the girls’ cupboards, hand-me-downs and waiting to be handed-down again and again (and if they don’t fit any of my girls anymore, I use them as flowerpots). So our December holiday took an adventurous turn when our car broke down on Christmas eve on one of the cannot-be-located-by-even-a-gps roads in the Transkei. We eventually were saved by an amazing guy called Sydney and his pick-up truck. So off we were on a journey, unplanned and very exciting, the five of us and Sydney squashed in his three-seater tow truck. He was our driver who quickly also became our tourguide along the way to the East London airport. The point of this story is that on our way, in the smallest rural village, Kayla saw a little stall selling wellington boots, and asked Sydney if he could stop for a few minutes in order for us to get her a pair. So it happened that on Christmas eve, we flew back to Jozi with only our most valuable things we didn’t want to leave behind in our broken down car, and of course the boots!

Special Friendships

20 Sep

I look at this group of girls and I see the most beautiful friendships developing between them, friendships where they just love being together and love each other for who they are in such an unconditional way. I look at them and I have to thank my Heavenly Papa for what we get to experience, what we get to live for and what we get to live through, sharing these friendship moments with each other from a very young age, sharing these with Him, and being part of the most exciting journey called life.

Our first official photoshoot

1 Aug

And so the dream that was sparked in my heart a year ago, was born and breathed it’s first breath. Slowly but surely things were falling into place. Starting a business with 3 girls (of which one was still very much a baby at that time) has both been a most wonderful challenge and also exceeded my wildest dreams.

Our family and friends celebrate often. We celebrate special moments, celebrate life, celebrate everything actually, and it mostly entails food and photos. So needless to say, we also had to arrange a formal photo shoot day to celebrate the new life of Puredelight. We had a lot of fun doing this. Among our friends, we have a special group of little girls. These girls are also the best of friends. They grow up together, learn about life together and discover what really matters, together. So obviously they were all lined up as our spectacular ‘models’ for the shoot. We have had some fun fashion shows in our lounge on a few occasions and make-believe photo-taking-events. But nothing came close to what we experienced this day – a day filled with joy and laughter. Even looking through the pictures now, I just can’t get over how beautiful our girls all are.

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Honouring my friends

1 Jul

Neels, my husband, you are the love of my life. You give me wings. With you I can dream about the impossible and live life as the biggest adventure ever.

Rob Maud: You are an amazing entrepreneur and pioneer. Your journey gave me the courage to pursue my Puredelight dream. Thank you for putting your heart into the photo shoot. You truly have the ability to capture moments on film and reflect inspired creativity. 

Antoinette McDonald: Thank you for being an inspiration with your heart filled with love for little people as well as the big ones. In spite of your pregnancy you performed like a hero to keep the energy levels high during our photo shoot.

Tracie du Toit: Trace, you have the ability to put passion on paper. Thank you for putting the vision I carried in my heart into words and giving it a voice.

Eileen Flack: You are beautiful and incredibly gifted. Thank you for the hours and hours you put into this website. I must admit, I loved our meetings where tea and girl-talk was the most essential factor to putting the site together.

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