Thinking brilliantly…

23 Feb

About a year ago my husband and I went to Germany for a few days. While we were waiting for a friend to pick us up from our hotel in Hamburg, I paged through a random coffee table book. It turned out to be the most inspiring book. It had articles about artists explaining how they got to live their creative dream in an authentic way. The one artist, Christine Koch caught my eye. She said:

Why not think things that have never been thought before?

I absolutely loved this quote, and as you can see I even photographed the page.

Which posed the following questions:

-How can I read a life-changing sentence like the one above, think about it for a minute or two and then file it in my photo album?

-Why did I not read this and allowed it to change my thinking? In the most radical way, I might add…

-Why was this merely a moment and not a gem that affected my life forever?

I found the above photo in my album archives earlier this week. Then a few days ago in an evening class the speaker taught on more or less the same subject….and the penny dropped!

I realised I can, and am probably called to, think things that no one has ever thought before. I also have permission to think big and radical ideas. I have the ability to think outside my little box, even outside the big box I have put my life-journey in. I can think on a whole different level. I can think along avenues that no one has walked down before. I am encouraged and inspired and I feel all the feelings I missed while a read the quote that day.

Just imagine what might happen to the world if each person have one thought that no one has ever thought before? A new thought that brings life. We could literally change this world. We could establish a reality not seen or experienced before our time. This would cause an earth with new ideas, inventions and designs.

So, by living in this exciting place, I can become a voice for people that think they were not made for something spectacular. I can be a voice reminding people that they were made to influence society, because they were made incredibly unique. Imagine all people starting to understand their own worth and value, and live accordingly. Imagine all people starting to think just one thought that is their unique thought and believe enough in that thought to live it out. We would have an unstoppable life-bringing nation.

There’s nothing wrong with living a life, thinking thoughts that have been thought before. But in each of us there is something that yearns for more, yearns to put our toe into the water on the other side of the boundary line of our boxes. And once we have tasted the more, there is no turning back. And I believe once we realize that each of us can think brilliantly, there will be no turning back…


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