Beautiful, courageous vulnerability

18 Feb

I may have said already that part of my vision for this year is to live intentionally. I have often felt that the past few years have been a bit like swimming in order to keep my head above water. Don’t get me wrong, I loved those years and I have embraced many, many amazing moments. But the truth is it felt as if some intricate details of life have passed me by in a way.  So, this year, being in a whole different space with my ‘baby’ just having turned three, and my business more stable, I am starting to live with intention again. I want to experience with intention. I want to write with intention. I want to listen with intention. Mmmmm listening… for me it’s sensitizing my ear to what is not said, the heart and emotion behind the ‘what is being said’.

This past week I have been in four situations where I have been blown away by things people had told me. Being in a season of my life-journey where my tears are welled up very close to the surface (in a good way), I felt that if I would start crying, I may never stop.  So I listened and kept my composure. But in every instance I walked away from the encounter realising that the particular individual has been immensely vulnerable.

Being vulnerable can be scary. Why is that? Is it because we find it so difficult to be honest and appear imperfect to others? Is it because we might look as if we don’t have all the answers? Or are we afraid of feeling exposed? Maybe we have to embark on an unknown journey, a journey without walls around us. The journey of an open heart.

A message from a friend on our pavement...

A few stories in point: I was sitting next to the school tennis courts on a tiny wall listening to a mom sharing her perceived wrong decisions she made concerning her daughter. All I heard was her immense love for that child. I was sitting on our bed listening to my daughter  sharing her failures, and all I heard was a journey of growing up being embarked on. I was at a workshop listening to a woman sharing her innermost feelings, and all I heard was courage. I was attending a class listening to a woman sharing her life story and all I heard was the influence she has on every life she meets.

I walked away from each of these moments feeling that I was holding their hearts in my hands. My one friend summed it up as a feeling of standing on holy ground. In all four instances I felt like my life had changed by what they shared. Some shared profound stuff and some just raw honest emotion. But my life has been impacted by open hearts, by a need to not hide the imperfection. It encouraged me! I want to live vulnerably. I want to live honestly. I want to live authentically. I want my special people to know what I am carrying around in my heart, regardless… Being vulnerable opens up the way for others to feel safe enough to also be just that. Being vulnerable brings freedom. The freedom form hiding perhaps.

There is something so attractive about being vulnerable.
There is something so beautiful about being vulnerable.
There is something so courageous about being vulnerable.

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