Every Life has a story…

31 Jan
Having been on our own amazing life-journey the past 9 months, I have started listening intently to what other people share about their life. And what I have realised, is that every person has a story. Every person has a story with a loud voice. Every person has a story that impacts others in a profound way. The impact of that story lies both in the journey itself as well as in the way it is handled.
Sometimes our stories are written in bright colours, full of glitter, stories filled with adventure and fun. Sometimes our stories are written in the softest pastel colours, colours which represent tenderness and gentleness. And sometimes our stories are written in shades of black and grey, hard colours, but immensely powerful colours.
I often look back at our journey, a journey we would never have envisaged for ourselves. As the pages and colors unfold, I wonder… I wonder if we have walked this journey  in the best possible way we could have. I wonder if we have done enough, and if we have lived from a place of rest. I wonder if we have read all the pages, or maybe missed some of the important chapters of the story. I have realised that the secret of walking your journey well, lies in feeling so safe in Papa’s arms that it doesn’t really matter if the picture you had in mind looks nothing like the reality. The secret lies in embracing every word of every page of your story.
I say again, each life has a journey and each journey has a story. And each story is significant and carries impact. Never underestimate the power that lies within your story. You might feel as if your journey has been insignificant or small. Or you might feel like you have failed due to the manner in which you have walked your journey.  Therefore, you might choose to keep your story to yourself. Don’t do that. Tell your story, walk your journey with your head held high. And know that  your voice is important. And next time you sit with someone, take time to listen to their story…
My grandparents have 91 years of stories behind them. And 65 years of married life. Rich and impactful!
Even though our girls are only starting out their life journey, they already have profound stories to share.

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