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Dickies and Wellington Boots

20 Oct

Although (as I said) our girls are all between the ages of 2 and 7, they are already aware that shoes are very important in a womans’ life. For my 3 girls their dickies and willington boots are their favourite shoes. And each of these has their own wonderful holiday-story attached to it:

We passed through Dullstroom a year ago on our way to our holiday destination. In a little corner of the town we came across a General Dealer stocking these gems. In the back of the store we found boxes and boxes filled with Dickies – every colour and size we could dream of. So all of us got a pair, a red pair. You have to at least own one pair of red shoes in your life – and for all of us this is it. We are already looking forward to our next trip through Dullstroom in a few weeks’ time, I wonder what colour we are gunning for this time…

Wellies – we have loads of wellies filling the girls’ cupboards, hand-me-downs and waiting to be handed-down again and again (and if they don’t fit any of my girls anymore, I use them as flowerpots). So our December holiday took an adventurous turn when our car broke down on Christmas eve on one of the cannot-be-located-by-even-a-gps roads in the Transkei. We eventually were saved by an amazing guy called Sydney and his pick-up truck. So off we were on a journey, unplanned and very exciting, the five of us and Sydney squashed in his three-seater tow truck. He was our driver who quickly also became our tourguide along the way to the East London airport. The point of this story is that on our way, in the smallest rural village, Kayla saw a little stall selling wellington boots, and asked Sydney if he could stop for a few minutes in order for us to get her a pair. So it happened that on Christmas eve, we flew back to Jozi with only our most valuable things we didn’t want to leave behind in our broken down car, and of course the boots!

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