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Honouring my friends

1 Jul

Neels, my husband, you are the love of my life. You give me wings. With you I can dream about the impossible and live life as the biggest adventure ever.

Rob Maud: You are an amazing entrepreneur and pioneer. Your journey gave me the courage to pursue my Puredelight dream. Thank you for putting your heart into the photo shoot. You truly have the ability to capture moments on film and reflect inspired creativity. 

Antoinette McDonald: Thank you for being an inspiration with your heart filled with love for little people as well as the big ones. In spite of your pregnancy you performed like a hero to keep the energy levels high during our photo shoot.

Tracie du Toit: Trace, you have the ability to put passion on paper. Thank you for putting the vision I carried in my heart into words and giving it a voice.

Eileen Flack: You are beautiful and incredibly gifted. Thank you for the hours and hours you put into this website. I must admit, I loved our meetings where tea and girl-talk was the most essential factor to putting the site together.

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